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Free Rayn Majesty

a.k.a "Maggie"

2008 Connemara Filly

Sire: *Village Prince

(Coral Prince x Village Grey)

Dam: Hideaway's Irish Mist

(*Rocky x Hideaway's Celebration)


Maggie is ... well ... her own person! She is very strong willed and athletic. She has a beautiful head and long legs. Despite being born with "antlers" (see photo) she is very attractive and her ears, while still a bit large, are quite elegant now. Our vet, Dr Sarah McCarthy had the most telling things to say about Maggie - "She goes from 0 to 60, there's not a lot in between" and "I'll buy her and event her right now".

What's in a name, you ask? In a tribute to her sire, Village Prince and his owner's at Royal Connemaras, we gave our little filly a "royal name". She, in turn, fully believes she is a princess - it's all about her! She has been aptly nicknamed "Magster the Dragster" - she really doesn't walk or trot - just runs! She is a true gossip - always the first at the fence to see what's going on when visitors arrive. She is also a willing student - learning to lead in just 3 days.


Maggie's athletic potential is clear, but she also has nice conformation and those unique bloodlines. She will excel in the performance arena or a breeding program. We offer Maggie for sale to an approved home. She's sure to make her new owners proud in whatever she does.

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