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Free Rayn Conundrum

a.k.a "Splash"


2006 Connemara Filly

Sire: *Glenormiston Flurry Knox

(Abbeyleix Finbar x Oxenholm Tiffany)

Dam: Hideaway's Irish Mist

(*Rocky x Hideaway's Celebration)





Splash was a much anticipated filly as the first purebred Connemara born at Free Rayn Hill.  Her sire is *Glenormiston Flurry Knox of Wildwych Connemaras in Colorado. Her dam is our own Hideaway's Irish Mist.  The Flurry x Mist cross as been very successful, producing six exceptional fillies. Splash didn't disappoint us. She is a beautiful filly, true to Connemara type and temperament.

What's in a name, you ask? Why "conundrum"? A conundrum is any puzzling problem. Splash was a puzzling problem when born - her dam wouldn't let us get near enough to tell whether she was a girl or a boy! In addition, Caymus Conundrum is one of my favorite wines and you have to admit it's just a cool kind of word! As for her nickname .... it comes from the splash of white on her nose.

Splash will grow up on the hill as a future broodmare (with her unique bloodlines what else could we do) and ridden prospect for Emily. Anyone who's seen her race and prance around the pasture know she's a great event pony in the making.






Photos this page courtesy of Free Rayn Photography

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