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Free Rayn Tsunami

a.k.a "Percy"


2008 Connemara Filly

Sire: *Village Prince

(Coral Prince x Village Grey)

Dam: Wildwych Valkyrie

(*Glenormiston Flurry Knox x Hideway's Irish Mist)


Percy is a very special filly who came to us through the generosity of Wildwych Connemaras who leased her dam, Wildwych Valkyrie, to us in late 2006. Percy is all pony!! True to Connemara type in conformation, movement and her sweet and willing temperament.

What's in a name, you ask? It's not what you think. On the eve of her birth, the whole Freeman family was dying for Sushi. We knew we shouldn't go out to dinner; we had a mare who could foal at any second. But the sushi urge won out. We came home just as Valkyrie went into labor. As a result, we named her filly after our favorite sushi roll - the Tsunami. Her nickname comes from her perseverance, persistence and personality.


Percy is growing like a weed and has a bad case of "greying foal disease"! We expect her to be all grey by the time she is weaned.




 We offer Percy for sale to an approve home and she will make a great addition to any breeding or performance program. With her unique bloodlines and assured potential she'll be a winner for her new family. It doesn't get much better than this!

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