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Emily & Stormy

"Royal Rayn Storm"


In Emily's words: Stormy and I have been together since I was 7 years old. I started  riding him in a halter bareback because we couldn't find a girth to fit him... he was SO fat and his teeth were in such bad condition!!! After five years, I'm now 12 (and Stormy is about 16)  and we've gotten him into shape and we jump up to 2 feet 9 inches. He really is a superstar.


Stormy always was different because he wasn't a Connemara but he showed that you don't have to be fancy and clean to be great - just do your best and have fun.


Stormy taught me A LOT of things. He taught me to be patient, clean stalls VERY well, to fall off, and when all goes wrong "the mane is your best friend"! Basically he taught me to ride. Our goal for 2008 is to go Beginner Novice at recognized 3 Day events.

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