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Free Rayn Hill is home to the Freeman family. Established in January of 2003, we are a small farm specializing in Connemara ponies. We look to share our love of horses with like minded individuals and families. We believe safety and quality can go hand in hand with enjoyment and value.

About Us.

"Free Rayn" comes from a combination of our family names to create an appropriate play on words. If you take Freeman and Rayner ... it's natural to come up with Free Rayn. We look to give ourselves "free rayn" to succeed and make our dreams come true. Our first dream was made a reality when we moved to the "hill" here in Grass Valley from the San Francisco Area.

Our 10 acres is perfect for raising ponies with ample irrigated pasture, many mature trees, and both hills and flats for running, growing, and having fun. We are continually improving - new pastures are being added, barn improvements are being made, and maintenance is never ending! We have two fantastic neighbors who are crucial to our success - Inez Rodriguez on the "valley" side who always lends a helping hand (and often a horse trailer!) and is a source for never ending support and encouragement. Donna Zacamy & Ross Briskin on the "hill" side who have graciously opened their barn and pastures to our "over flow" of ponies and are part of the official pony midwife team. It really does take a village sometimes!

At Free Rayn Hill, we love ponies in general and Connemaras in particular. The pony often receives a "bad rap" in the equine world, being thought of as difficult, sparsely talented, and "stinky". We disagree! Ponies can have wonderful temperaments, loads of talent, and be fabulous teachers to riders both young and old. We firmly believe competitive show ponies can also be fun, family friends. Enter the Irish Connemara ... one of the best choices for family fun and competition.

We know education is important and work with various trainers, veterinarians, farriers, and other horse professionals to keep our knowledge up to date and improving all the time. We are members of the American Connemara Pony Society, Northern Mines Pony Club, the United States Eventing Association and NPS America.

Thank you for visiting our website. Check back often for updates!

Latest update: July 2008.


The Freeman Family,

Don, Kathryn, Emily and Grace




Photos this page courtesy of (1&2) Free Rayn Photography (3) Jim Schuessler Equine Photography

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